Number line or Fraction Model



number line or fraction modelWe have been looking at different methods of representing fractions so that we can picture them in our minds. Two strategies we have tried are, representing fractions on a number line and drawing out fraction models . Both strategies help us visualize the fractions we’re working with and make it very easy to see if two fractions are equivalent.image image image image image

So, which method helps you visualize the fraction better, fractions on a number line or fraction models?

The “Fraction Cake” lesson the students are working on in the photos can be found here!

Exploring Fractions


We have been exploring fractions for the past 15 days (wow, that’s half of a month!) I think our favorite fraction activities involve chocolate bars! There’s no better way to explore twelves than with a delicious Hershey bar!

Today, we played a game that asked us to put fractions in order from smallest to biggest. Thinking about those candy bar pieces really helped us out! You can find this fraction game here!

fractions 5 fractions 1 fractions 2 fractions 3fractions 4



No not Fractions!

When Mrs. Felter was just a little Jessie, she hated fractions, but her mom never let her say “hate”, so she just disliked fractions thoroughly! She hated fractions because she just didn’t get them. Now that she is all grown up she realizes that fractions are actually really simple! The most important part of understanding fractions is figuring out how a whole can be split into many equal parts! Check out these fraction games to help you figure out the mystery of fractions without having to “dislike them thoroughly!”

Help the Turkeys escape Thanksgiving and make pies! 

Shoot the fractions as they fly by! Mrs. F likes the slow version.

Play with pizzas and more!