Young Entrepreneurs here in Charlotte!

Hornets Nest Elementary, has three young entrepreneurs who are making a big difference at their school! Aiden, Joel and Logan have planted a “Helping Fields” garden, where students can pick fresh vegetables to eat over the weekend.  They have entered their helpful idea in a contest held buy United States entrepreneur Warren Buffet. These eight and nine year olds have made it to the final three in the contest! Cast your votes for these smart kids before midnight to help them win the grand prize!

VOTE HERE:  and vote for Choice #1, Helping Fields


Click here to see the boys on the news! 

Whose got the Power?

We know there are three branches of the government, but who is in charge?!

In the U.S.A. we have a balance of power, which means the power is equal between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The president, congress, and the supreme court are all equal- one branch cannot be more powerful than another. 

Executive: The President- Helps enforce the laws.

Legislative: The Congress (House of Representatives and the Senate) Make the Laws and Can start wars.

Judicial: The Supreme Court- Says which laws are fair and which are unfair.


Three Branches of U.S. Government

Yesterday we read more about local, state, and national government. We learned that there are leaders at each level. At the local level, for us Charlotte, we have Mayor Patsy Kinsey.  At the state level we have a Governor, who lives in our capital in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our Governor is Pat McCrory. At the national level we have House of Representative Members and Senate members that adults from our state voted to represent us. We also have President Obama at the national level.

So, when talking about the Executive Branch of the government we need to think about leaders:

Local- Mayor

State- Governor

National- President, House of Representative Members, Senators.

Today we are going to read more about the other branches of government: Legislative and Judicial.


What does Local, State, and National Government do?

Nancy, Karmyn, Amorie’, and Richard, all acted like role models during our Inquiry lesson today! They actively researched the different types of government and worked perfectly with their partners! Their work is clean and easy to read, but, more importantly, they made sure they answered what the question was actually asking! Great work Social Studies masters!


Local, State, and National Government!

Today we are talking about local, state, and national government. Local government takes care of Charlotte, state government takes care of North Carolina, and the national government takes care of our country- The United States of America (U.S.A.!) At each level of government we have leaders. The leaders are what we call the “Executive Branch” of the government. The easiest executive leader to think of is President Obama. He is the leader at the national level!


The 3 Branches of Government

For the past two weeks, we have been studying citizens and communities. We know that citizens live in communities and communities need a government to make laws and keep order. Our country has 3 different types, or branches, of government who all work together to make our country safer and stronger.
The three branches of government are the legislative, executive, and judicial. It turns out the government is not just the president! Why do you think we need so many people to help run the country?