A Great Math Week!

We are about to have a fabulous week of math centers! I have been hard at work preparing fun ways for our class to review for the End of Grade test! This week you’ll have opportunities to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, working with time and money, graphing, area and perimeter, geometry, and more! All of our centers will include games and partners to help you stay engaged in your learning! So get your math journal and a pencil and get ready to have some fun! 

Awesome Centers from the Busy Class on TpT

Pablo really likes the telling time game!pablo plays math ceners by The Busy ClassWe send a big thank you to The Busy Class and K-5 Math Teaching Resources for creating such awesome centers for us!

Also, I found a rhombus on Pablo’s head! Crazy!

Pablo has a rhombus!

Getting Ready for a Trip!

Hello friends! How is your spring break going? I had a hard time packing for my trip, can you help me out? Here’s my problem:

Pablo eats two cups of food each day. We will be in Florida for 8 days. He will eat one of the cups of food before we leave. How many cups of food do I need to pack for Pablo?


Remember over spring break to cuddle up with a great chapter book. I’m reading an adult book called Beautiful Ruins by, Jess Walter. I can’t put this book down because of its great story! Walter has included many similes and metaphors in his book. He said that the, “…clothes on the bedroom room floor were a pile of autumn leaves.” I know he is comparing the clothes to autumn leaves because the clothes are in a pile that is bright, colorful, and on the ground! Isn’t figurative language the best?!

So what are you doing on your break? What friends have you visited? What math games have you played? What books have you cuddled up with? Have you made any art or written any stories or reports? Leave us a comment so we can hear about your adventures!

Idioms all Around Us!

On our walk today, Pablo reminded me of another idiom!

After a long cold winter, we should take time to remember the good and beautiful things in life. That’s why Pablo always remembers to stop and smell the roses. Can you determine what, “Stop and smell the roses means?”


(Ok, yes these are tulips… but I don’t know any idioms about tulips!)

But! But! But!

In our guided reading groups this week the word “but” keeps coming up! We said that when “but” is in the middle of a sentence it often means that what comes after it will be the opposite of what came before it. For example: Mark was really tired, but he read his chapter book anyway!

This afternoon, Pablo gave me a great example of the use of “but” as well as an idiom! Here’s what happened:

Bit Off More than He Could Chew

Pablo loves going up stairs, but he’s not very good at coming back down. Looks like he’s bit off more than he can chew!

Can you figure out the idiom in that sentence?

Another Snow Day!

Hello Antwan, Nancy, Shannallie, Karmyn, Yasmin, and Ixell!

I had a feeling you’d be visiting the blog today when you took a break from playing in the snow (please remember to where hats and mittens!) Did anyone else visit today who I didn’t list? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Here are some word problems to keep your brain working on this very cold, winter day!

1. Antwan ran 444 yards in his first game playing football for Florida State. In his next game, Antwan, threw for 156 yards. How many yards total did Antwan move the football down the field?

2. Yasmin has 6 packs of crayons and each pack has 8 crayons. The crayons in each pack are red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, and black. If Yasmin gives Karmyn one pack of crayons, how many total crayons will Yasmin have left?

3. Shannallie, Nancy, and Ixell ran 3 miles each day last week. If next week they plan to run 5 miles each day, how many miles will they each run after both weeks?

Leave your answers in the comments and I’ll come up with more questions just for you!

Here are some of my snowy day pictures from yesterday!


Second graders make it back to class through the Tuesday snow!


Wow! Our playground is covered in snow!


Pablo enjoys his first walk in the snow!


“Hey!  I caught a snowflake on my nose!” – Pablo Cinco Felter


Pablo was very sleepy after playing in the snow!