Math in Action!

We took our whole class math block to a whole new level this week! We played “Agree, Argue, Aspire”, worked in teams and independently, took our fraction knowledge deeper, and capped it all off with multiplication Jeopardy! Our class was focused and engaged all week long, and you have made me so proud!

We studied Karmyn’s work on her practice EOG test. Check out how she tried three different strategies before getting an answer with which she was confident! Karmyn’s work showed us that she can truly persevere when things get tough. Her example gave us a lot to aspire to!

Don’t be afraid to try more than one strategy!

Never be afraid to start all over!

Here we are studying Karmyn’s work and deciding what we agreed with, what we wanted to argue with, and what we could aspire to do in our own work!

photo 2-1

photo 4

photo 3-1

If you’d like to try out multiplication Jeopardy at home click on the picture below. Get your family involved! See if you can beat your siblings and parents! Remember your good sportsmanship. Even though the girls were our big winner our boys acted like true gentlemen!

Civil Rights: The Greensboro Sit Ins and Perseverance!

“Do not give up!” is a phrase we hear Mrs. Felter say all the time. Things are going to be hard sometimes, we all know this is true. We have to decide what we are going to do when things get tough. Are we going to say, “This is too hard, I quit!” Or are we going to say, “This is hard but I can do it!” Imagine if the four men who started the Greensboro, North Carolina Sit Ins had said “This is too hard I quit!”