Getting Ready for a Trip!

Hello friends! How is your spring break going? I had a hard time packing for my trip, can you help me out? Here’s my problem:

Pablo eats two cups of food each day. We will be in Florida for 8 days. He will eat one of the cups of food before we leave. How many cups of food do I need to pack for Pablo?


Remember over spring break to cuddle up with a great chapter book. I’m reading an adult book called Beautiful Ruins by, Jess Walter. I can’t put this book down because of its great story! Walter has included many similes and metaphors in his book. He said that the, “…clothes on the bedroom room floor were a pile of autumn leaves.” I know he is comparing the clothes to autumn leaves because the clothes are in a pile that is bright, colorful, and on the ground! Isn’t figurative language the best?!

So what are you doing on your break? What friends have you visited? What math games have you played? What books have you cuddled up with? Have you made any art or written any stories or reports? Leave us a comment so we can hear about your adventures!

Solve a Word Problem by Visualizing!

We have been successfully tackling two step word problems with week using the CUBES strategy! Today, we want to think about visualizing the problem by drawing pictures like Francisco did yesterday with this problem:
Most apples contain 5 seed packets called carpels. Each carpel contains 2 apple seeds. How many seeds would be in 10 apples.
Francisco drew out one apple with five carpels in it. Then he put two seeds in each carpel. He skip counted by twos and determined there are 10 seeds in each apple. Next, he reread the problem and realized he needed to multiply 10 x 10 to get the number of apple seeds. His answer was: There are 100 apple seeds in 10 apples.
This lesson explains what Francisco did yesterday!